Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What am I doing here?

Hi dears, have you ever make your self THE question? Have you ever feel like a totally strange in your own place? With your people? I have,  and unfortunately   more than once.

So, the real question then, it will be What am I doing... or not doing? What should I do? Cause its clear for me there's something wrong, it is not possible to feeling part of nothing, right?

To keep your lack of inspiration (or whatever it's called) and therefore to been suffering; or 

Take this stranger time to talk to yourself and find a little bit of hope, some sunshine to make you feel better and to guide you to find your new track and then cling to maintain your course and keep going until one day you will no longer need to remind yourself the way which you can move forward without relying on the past. Easy? Absolutely no, but I think while we stay alive, we must try.

I'm going to try, I hope you do as well.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

To show your BEST, take care of YOURSELF

Hello again. Since a couple of weeks I have been reading and surfing the net looking for articles of been health, and searching for food and recepies good for the body. Why? cause I'm tired of had periods with health troubles during this past year  and recently i figured out I'm sick again, so..I did propuese awareness and care for myself, I believe should not be normal to spend your life taking medications and visiting your doctor every week and leaving his/her your salary, and your mood as well, or at least in my case.

So...these were my conclusions:

1) FOOD and WATER: most of all sickness happens because our body is not receiving energy and nutrients to work efficiently, and why happens  that? simple: because we don't eat correctly, the energy that our body needs to do all the functions he does, it will get for the food we give it, and thats the reason to eat for to feed our body and not just to quench our hungry.

2) SLEEP JUST WHAT YOUR BODY NEED, NOT YOUR STRESS: A regular working people need 6 to 8 hours to rest, (or less than 5 if you are Thomas Edison or Benjamin Franklin), so forget the "just another five minutes" each morning and stand up your humanity because the day wants you awake and prepared.

3) MOVE: dont forget your body needs movement, do exercise, walk, jogging, swimm, yoga, pilates, kickboxing, go to the gym, plractice some sport, whatever you prefer but do something. Your body needs movement to release toxins , tone up and work muscles and joints so they do not atrophy.

4) SMILE, LAUGH, SOCIALIZE. Enjoy life, see those litle things you ignore in your day, like smells, graceful sounds (music you like, a baby laugh, birds sing, voice of your loving people). There's always some beauty en every moment and in every place. 

Need not be in this order, but in summary I'm talking about one only thing: TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF, start thinking about you in first place, in taking your body, your thoughts, what you do, what you eat, what you need, what you want, if you do it, you will start to being different, a better person, because you will stop being in a hurry, you will take control of your days and activities, and you will have the energy for do those. Once this happens life for you will get another perspective, you will have the capacity an liberty to see and choose the best solucion of everything.

That is what I want so I'm gonna make it, I already started with food, so you please wish me luck and courage, also I invite you if you want join this ideal.


Thursday, January 29, 2015

Live without fear

Hi everyone, I just wanted to remember you how great is life, Has you noticed? I hope so..

Today I surprisingly found myself talking about life and how I see it with someone who I know briefly, and I said surprisingly because this person is so correct, so professional and always talks about job, but today it was different and... ok..whatever jejeje The thing is we was talking about to living today, but to living today without fear, because to live happily is necessary to live every moment of every day doing the best we can, we don´t own life so we just let enjoy each day and when the night comes, just be graceful for had the oportunity to have lived this day, and hopeful to see another day tomorrow.

So please enjoy life and do whatever you want to do, whatever you dreamed to do... do it  now, be brave and do not give up if you have not even tried, stop listening to yours fears and to those people who really  does not care about you happines and your deep dreams, please TRY it, please KEEP making your dreams true, please LIVE.

Best regards!! 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Just a "bad day feeling"

Hi you there, I know this space is suposed to be atractive to you if I wanted to be read it, but you know what? I want to show my memories, such as they happens, to show you my little stories without matter how they are, because life isn´t all happiness or at least not my life (I wish to) and to act against my feelings I don´t think it will help, or you tell me, what do you think?

I´m happy most of times, but there are some days that I feel sad, slow, lost maybe, and yes, today is one of those days so I´m stay inside of my room and I don´t wanna talk to anyone, but the worst is what happens inside my head, I have lots of ideas and memories running into and they don´t stop, is like if my head intents to look for all of my life to fix what ever needs to be fixed and remember me things that I prefered to put on pause because it needs to me to take decisions...

I have one only hope, tomorrow it will be a beautiful day because I know tomorrow I will wake up feeling much better. I'm sure about that. ;D jajaja please don´t be scared.. I'm not THAT crazy it's just "a bad day feeling" and I wanted to write.

So, have a great day!!! 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Welcome to me! and hopefully to you

Hi everyone, it has been a while since  I started planning make my personal blog, so here I am. I know there's a lot of bloggers around the web but I don´t think it's a bad thing, in fact I  believe that's actually a good one because it shows how huge is our desire of  socialize, to stay in touch with other people, and to express ourselves because hey.. we are the thinking ones jejeje.

This space is gonna be "my space" to write whatever is in my head and why not? around my day, but it's gonna be also your space if you want to join me through this experience.

So..we'll see what happens, please join me.