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Live without fear

Hi everyone, I just wanted to remember you how great is life, Has you noticed? I hope so..

Today I surprisingly found myself talking about life and how I see it with someone who I know briefly, and I said surprisingly because this person is so correct, so professional and always talks about job, but today it was different and... ok..whatever jejeje The thing is we was talking about to living today, but to living today without fear, because to live happily is necessary to live every moment of every day doing the best we can, we don´t own life so we just let enjoy each day and when the night comes, just be graceful for had the oportunity to have lived this day, and hopeful to see another day tomorrow.
So please enjoy life and do whatever you want to do, whatever you dreamed to do... do it  now, be brave and do not give up if you have not even tried, stop listening to yours fears and to those people who really  does not care about you happines and your deep dreams, please TRY it, please KE…

Just a "bad day feeling"

Hi you there, I know this space is suposed to be atractive to you if I wanted to be read it, but you know what? I want to show my memories, such as they happens, to show you my little stories without matter how they are, because life isn´t all happiness or at least not my life (I wish to) and to act against my feelings I don´t think it will help, or you tell me, what do you think?

I´m happy most of times, but there are some days that I feel sad, slow, lost maybe, and yes, today is one of those days so I´m stay inside of my room and I don´t wanna talk to anyone, but the worst is what happens inside my head, I have lots of ideas and memories running into and they don´t stop, is like if my head intents to look for all of my life to fix what ever needs to be fixed and remember me things that I prefered to put on pause because it needs to me to take decisions...

I have one only hope, tomorrow it will be a beautiful day because I know tomorrow I will wake up feeling much better. I'm sure …

Welcome to me! and hopefully to you

Hi everyone, it has been a while since  I started planning make my personal blog, so here I am. I know there's a lot of bloggers around the web but I don´t think it's a bad thing, in fact I  believe that's actually a good one because it shows how huge is our desire of  socialize, to stay in touch with other people, and to express ourselves because hey.. we are the thinking ones jejeje.

This space is gonna be "my space" to write whatever is in my head and why not? around my day, but it's gonna be also your space if you want to join me through this experience.

So..we'll see what happens, please join me.